TELL – Thermostatic Efficiency Label

TELL – Thermostatic Efficiency Label

TELL is the product classification system of the European thermostatic radiator valves industry as the response to

- the increasing and understandable desire of consumers in Europe and worldwide for information and guidance in making a conscious purchase decision

- the industry's desire to promote responsible energy usage

- In preparing the classification system, the European thermostatic radiator valves industry has been guided by the following reflections:

- The user or operator must be able to detect an immediate, actual saving if a more efficient valve is installed.

- The evaluation system must set international standards.

- The evaluation system must be easily understandable.


In Europe and elsewhere, climate protection is increasingly among the most prominent political objectives. The many legislative initiatives at European level which are directed at that objective (ERP, EPBD and the Labelling Directive to name a few) provide evidence of this. Increasing efficiency in energy-driven products as well as information on energy consumption to promote greater consumer awareness are examples of things that can be done to achieve this objective.

In this context, various manufacturers of energydriven and consumption-relevant products have increasingly been developing voluntary energy label schemes (energy efficiency labelling). The manufacturers of thermostatic radiator valves support this development with the TELL energy label.